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10 Things Most Buyers Want In A House

If you are undertaking a renovation for the purpose of selling your house, or you are a house flipper and could cut out the guess work on buyers must-haves wouldn’t you want to make those changes? Well today is your lucky day. I’m going to you tell you what research says are the top 10 things buyers are looking for in a new home. As a Licensed Realtor, I love walking my buyers into a home and hear them say how happy they are that the house has certain features. So, if the consensus is correct then by all means make these changes!

The gods, and goddesses have spoken, in 2019 new home buyers feel the most import feature in a their new home is a dedicated laundry room. Now I don’t know about you but, if I’m doing laundry, I want to make sure everyone around me can see that I’m working while they are well, watching me do laundry. I know I know, keep the mess out of view and give it its own space. I agree.

The 2nd most important feature buyers are looking for when buying a new home are Energy Star windows. These will provide more consistent temperatures, use less energy thereby reducing greenhouse emissions, and lowering your bill, and reduce UV damage to floors, carpet, and furniture.

#3, Buyers want a Patio! Don’t think of that slab of concrete grandma used to have outside the backdoor. Think outdoor dining table and chairs, comfy club chairs and throw pillows, a cocktail table or fire pit, and off course some nice hanging string lights to finish setting the mood. Think of the patio as an extension of your house, a second living room and dining room.

The 4th item(s)on their wish list are new Energy Star certified High Efficiency appliances. Having appliances with the Energy Star designation and that are “High Efficiency” will guarantee you using 40% less energy then standard appliances. This will not only result in a reduced carbon footprint and significantly reduced utility bills; as a result of their using less energy, the appliances have less internal wear and tear leaving them with a longer life span. Personally, when I heard they also reduce damage to clothing, I called my nearest Best Buy!

#5 Ceiling Fans. We live in Miami…no explanation needed.

#6 is Garage Storage. As a Realtor I will say that when I bring buyers into a nice 2-3 car garage with custom wall cabinets, overhead lofts, and suspended bikes, the look on their face, it’s like they’ve seen a unicorn.

At #7, Exterior Lighting has multiple purposes. It provides security for you and your home, will draw attention to areas that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, highlights features such as a special tree or walkway, adds elegance by setting the right mood using specific bulbs, and is a fantastic way to ad significant value to your home. In fact, it has been reported that appealing exterior lighting can increase the value of your home by up to 20%.

A Walk-in Pantry comes in at #8. These allow for better organization and provide extra space. Ooh, now you can go to Costco and buy T.P. in bulk and save money. The walk- in pantry can accommodate all of the large cooking appliances freeing up valuable counter space. Who doesn’t love an uncluttered countertop!

Now number 9 is a bit tricky. I think it has a regional bias. The research claims that buyers want hardwood flooring, but from my experience, in our Miami luxury home market, buyers are still looking for natural stone or porcelain tile flooring. It’s fine to put hardwood in the bedrooms to add a bit of warmth, but its my suggestion that until further notice, put the stone or porcelain in most of the common areas.

Last but not least number 10, a double kitchen sink. So a bit boring to make the top 10, but who am I to argue. While my double sink gets used all day long, 7 days a week, my million dollar spa tub that “I have to have”, hasn’t been used more the once in the past year.

So good luck with your renovation or house flip. I’d love to hear how it goes and see some pictures of the before and after.